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Weekly news report, June, 18-24

Here’s our weekly digest to summarize what’s big in the world of blockchain technology.

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US Congressman states the ICO market needs “light touch regulatory framework” to add certainty to the market and prevent potentially fraudulent ICO projects. Read more

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Bithumb, one of the largest crypto exchanges in Asia, reported getting hacked, with the attackers stealing over $31 million in cryptocurrency. While Bithumb is an exchange large enough to cover losses, the incident proves an inadequate security system of the South Korean exchanges and the need for it to be upgraded. Source


South Korean government is going to invest over $200 million in blockchain initiatives in terms of a new Blockchain Technology Development Strategy. Among other things, the strategy aims to foster professionals and companies contributing to the blockchain industry growth, as well as promote promising pilot projects. Source


What are the reasons behind Bitcoin shivering so badly right now? Market manipulations, situation misinterpretation by the media, regulatory intervention, as well as other significant factors are explained in the freshly published overview below.


US secret service representative asks the Congress to enhance vigilance over the privacy-focused currencies like Monero and Zcash in order to prevent criminal activities enabled by an obscure and intransparent nature of transactions based on these currencies.


Medium, a popular blogging platform, is claimed to be restricting blockchain-related content after suspending blog posts of several crypto projects. The restrictions related to the site’s policy update may put an end to Medium being practically the only open, free speech platform in the increasingly regulated world.


Swiss Federal Councillor sets high hopes on the blockchain technology expecting it to penetrate the country’s entire economy one day. Being famous for its crypto friendly regulation, Switzerland also continues to promote digitalization and technology in schools to satisfy an increasing need for top-notch professionals in this field.