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SociumTrade: the smart choice for traders

If you are a successful trader longing for greater financial flexibility or a beginner willing to learn and try different trading tactics, opt for SociumTrade!

Why us?

With SociumTrade, traders can create profiles containing necessary information about them and reflecting their performance, which enables them to earn reputation and attract investors.

Traders will enjoy atomic swaps and set investment terms themselves, including the fee they will get for the funds management.

There are no intermediaries between an investor and a trader, so they will not have to share their profits with a trading house or an asset management firm.

Participation in trading consortiums will enable traders to employ complex strategies they are not able to use alone, which will boost their trading flexibility greatly.

Our platform will provide traders with high liquidity on the crypto exchange and multi-asset capabilities. Besides, our advanced analytical tools will simplify your everyday routine and our management instruments will help you easily control several portfolios for different strategies.

Less experienced traders can enjoy the service of copying portfolios, which replicates asset allocation.

Unlock your full trading potential with SociumTrade!