About SociumTrade

How the idea was born?

Empowering you to be the master of your money.

Most of us prefer to play it safe with our money. Rather than use the funds we have to increase our wealth, we save. And that's natural. After all, since the crash of 2008, we are all more wary of letting banks or financial institutions invest our money for us. The reason? It comes down to a lack of trust. With little transparency or accountability, the risks are too high.

Now imagine a place where you could invest your money with complete transparency and trust, a place where all the data on your investments is 100% verifiable and accessible. Where an accurate, constantly updated ranking system incentivizes traders to maximise their performance in a way that benefits all. Where, whatever your level of knowledge, you have the tools and community available to help you learn more as you go.

That place is real. That place is SociumTrade.

Using blockchain distributed ledger technology and smart contracts, we are building a decentralized portfolio marketplace where all data is verified, up to date and accessible. This solves the trust issue, giving you the confidence and security to invest and grow your funds.

If you're an investor, we give you up-to-the-minute, bulletproof data on a trader's past performance, profits and losses, risk tolerance and more. Now you can make the right decision on who to depend on with your money. And because we use smart contracts, once you find the right trader, you can set the conditions for how they trade your money. Plus, the record of how your investments are being traded is secure and transparent - it can't be tampered with or changed.

If you're an experienced trader, we'll provide you with all the tools, data and infrastructure to become even more successful. Our blockchain-based platform enables you to build your reputation and credibility within the community, attract larger portfolio clients and increase your capital potential. And if you're not so experienced, the social network functions on our platform mean you can learn from more experienced traders, who are incentivized to help you grow.

Our vision is to create a platform that is truly empowering. A place where investors and traders have the independence and freedom to grow and earn. And blockchain is at the heart of this vision, because it enables us to build a community where trust is no longer a question, it is a way of life.

Our vision

We see a future in which financial markets are made up of individuals engaged in free trade; a future, in which big institutions are no longer the gatekeepers and everyone can interact directly with one another. We see security and transparency becoming the cornerstones of every transaction, and individuals taking control of their financial futures.
We are developing SociumTrade to be the tool that begins to realize this vision


December 2018
Start offering B2B products
Q1 2019
SociumTrade v.0.2
Public Investment portfolios are launched. One-to-one and many-to-one meaning that traders are able to accept investments for a single portfolio from multiple individuals.
Q2 2019
FX integration SociumTrade Launches Investment Pools and Trader Consortiums.
Q2 2019
ICO/STO voting tool, listing orders
This will enable users to propose new promising products and start crowdfunding straight away with guaranteed listed token.
Q3 2019
Index development
Develop, launch and manage crypto-asset basket indexes.
Q4 2019
Alternative assets
Enable tokenized alternative assets to be traded on the platform.
Q2 2020
FX integration
Q2 2020
SociumTrade enters Stocks
At this point traders are able to benefit from unique and exotic trading pairs like crypto/stocks or stocks/ commodities.
Q3 2020
Full fledged SociumHEX for Crypto
Enable atomic-swap transactions.
Q3 2020
SociumTrade outbound API
This way SociumTrade will share all the data and opportunities with users on other trading platforms and exchanges, bringing fair investment and trading practice to the global financial markets.

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