SociumTrade for Traders

SociumTrade is an ideal platform for traders

SociumTrade is perfect for traders who do not want to share their profits with a trading house or an asset management firm. Here traders can employ comprehensive analytical tools, build a professional reputation, join trading consortiums, and procure capital directly from investors.

SociumTrade offers:

User-friendly interface
Comprehensive analytics suite
Opportunity to raise capital directly from investors
Consortiums for collective fund management
User-set terms for commissions and fees
Tools to build a professional reputation
Higher profit margins
High-liquidity crypto exchange
Multi-asset capabilities

Portfolio creation
and management

SociumTrade provides traders with the necessary infrastructure for capital procurement and management.
To ease the management of several portfolios, SociumTrade introduced a multifunctional management suite.
The suite gives traders the necessary statistics and reports in the form of tables and charts and enables users to monitor their transaction history. This allows traders to assess their results and make timely and informed management decisions.

Portfolio terms —
smart contracts

Smart contracts play the role of guarantors, ensuring the fulfilment of agreements and eliminating the risk of the human factor.
All deals within the SociumTrade platform are made using smart contracts. The terms of cooperation between traders and investors are recorded and algorithmically enforced with parameters like the size of lent funds, lending period, work conditions, trader’s reward, fines for contract violation etc.


To start working on the SociumTrade platform, users have to create persoanl profiles and specify information about themselves. A profile reflects the user's experience, skills, carried out projects, personal information, as well as social activity and information posted by them.

Profiles, showcase users' strategies, portfolio statistics, analytics etc. The information contained in your profile will help you to build your brand and attract more investors and followers.

Capital procurement

Traders construct portfolios and then attract funds in order to have the necessary capital to successfully execute their strategies. Procuring investment capital either directly or as part of a trading consortium enables traders to reazlie complex diversified investment strategies.
For those with a higher appetite for risk, there is the p2p loan market, where traders can negotiate favorable terms without the need to go through intermediaries.


Introducing the innovative co-op trading solution from SociumTrade — consortiums.
A consortium is an association of several traders that jointly manages investors' capital. Trading operations in a consortium can go on 24/7, as asset management can be distributed between traders in different time zones. The terms of cooperation in a consortium are governed by a smart contract, which also enforces the terms of the agreement.

Trading functionality

Traders can review market orders, study candlestick charts, employ Fibonacci channels, and much, much more. The platform even offers tools for incorporating analysis of current events from news channels and social chatter feeds.

Users can execute any number of order types, from simple limit orders to more exotic iceberg types. This allows traders to construct complex combinations, mitigate risks, and increase profits. Margin trading enables more experienced traders to take on additional risk to extend their upside. Everything in SociumTrade is designed to maximize trading flexibility.

The platform also offers copy-trading functionalities. This instrument aims to replicate end-of-period asset proportions in a target portfolio, as opposed to intermediary trading orders.

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