SociumTrade for Investors

Investing/selecting traders

SociumTrade provides investors with a clear and transparent way to asses traders and choose the best person/consortium to put funds in, or to employ a strategy of a certain trader for investments. Investors can both implement multiple strategies using different investment portfolios and distribute their resources between a number of traders.

The SociumTrade management suite gives investors comprehensive information on chosen strategies and performance histories of traders, so that they can forecast profitability and make rational management decisions.

Our platform reflects the performance of every trader so investors can easily choose the ones that are right for them.
There are no intermediaries, no extra fees, and low transaction costs.

Investment terms – smart contracts

All agreements between users on the SociumTrade platform are concluded via smart contracts, which replace intermediaries, exclude the human factor and safeguard investors’ funds.
Assets are stored using smart contracts in a decentralized manner, so that platform risks do not affect the secuirty of users' funds.
The smart contract clearly determines the mandate and scope of work for a trader and keeps him/her within the the set of terms, preventing him/her from violating the agreement.

Investment process

SociumTrade enables investors to find traders by set criteria.
Users can search and filter by a trader’s rating, expertise, total number of funds in management, percentage of a trader’s own funds under management, risk rate, profitability etc.

Percent Allocation Management Module

Investors can delegate portfolio management to a chosen trader.
With an advanced instrument kit, investors can decide on the most suitable strategy and arrange their portfolio (or a portion of it) to be managed by a selected trader (traders) or investment fund.


SociumTrade users create personal accounts and specify information about themselves in their profiles. They are able to post and share personal information and professional developments.

Investors indicate their experience, interests, and other relevant information in their profiles, while traders’ profiles reflect their strategies, expertise, performance score etc.

Platform users review traders’ performance and transaction histories and evaluate how funds are managed. By evaluating the information presented in the user profiles, investors can find traders that best suit their investment goals.


SociumTrade enables investors to form pools. These vehicles allow several investors to consolidate their financial resources under the management of one investor. The head investor, who also allocates his/her capital to the pool, manages all the funds in the pool and is compensated with commission fees. The conditions that govern participation, fund allocation, mandate, scope, etc are agreed upon in advance and are enforced by smart contracts.
Pools enable investors to earn passive income with minimal risk.

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