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Top 10 Fintech Twitter Accounts to Follow

Behind every new trend and technology there are always people whose expertise and enthusiasm really make the difference and have the power so set a new course. We have compiled a list of the top twitter accounts of fintech gurus you should follow to get your daily dose of motivation.

Andreas Staub @andi_staub - with more than 15 years of management experience in banking, Andreas has proved to be a successful consultant, daily sharing great content on the topic.

Mike Quindazzi @MikeQuindazzi - being a business development leader, with over 25 years of management consulting experience, Mike knows the fintech industry from the inside out and shares valuable advice with his followers.

Jim Marous @JimMarous - being an acknowledged fintech strategist, publisher and keynote speaker, Jim classifies as one of the most prominent professionals of the rapidly growing industry.

Vitalik Buterin @VitalikButerin - a talented programmer and writer, primarily known as a co-founder of Ethereum, Vitalik holds a must-to-follow Twitter account that gives you insights into the industry’s hottest trends.

Spiros Margaris @SpirosMargaris - an influential venture capitalist and advisor, Spiros shares the most recent news and updates everyone should be aware of to stay up-to-date.

Pavel Durov @durov - one of the world’s most famous entrepreneurs and innovators, Pavel always focuses on cutting-edge technologies, with the ambition to introduce his own ground breaking blockchain platform.

Theodora Lau @psb_dc - a female innovator and contributing author on fintech topics, Theodora also acts as an experienced consultant for fintech startups on the emerging tech trends.

Laura Shin @laurashin - known as Senior Editor at Forbes and a host of a popular podcast with the focus on blockchain technology, Laura is on the list of the leading journalists of the fintech industry.

Chris Gledhill @cgledhill - a keynote and TEDx speaker, Chris is a dedicated fintech expert who always keeps his followers on top of the latest trends.

Tiffany Hayden @haydentiff - as an independent adviser and blockchain influencer, Tiffany helps everyone understand and leverage the modern technology.

Do not miss your chance to follow great people and get inspired and motivated every day!