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28.Aug.18 11:41 By SociumTrade

The ABC of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies: key concepts and terms you need to know. Part II

I is for...ICO: Which stands for Initial Coin Offering, sometimes referred to as crowdsales. An ICO is a fundraising tool used by companies...
27.Aug.18 11:04 By SociumTrade

The ABC of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies: key concepts and terms you need to know. Part I

A is for… Altcoin: Short for alternative coin, the name says everything. These are alternative cryptocurrencies to the two big players...
17.Aug.18 08:55 By SociumTrade

Best books to study trading

If you’re looking to master trading and earn big on the markets, it’s time to sit down with a good book and learn from the experts.
29.Jun.18 17:22 By SociumTrade

The best movies about finance

When you’re developing as a trader or an investor, everything is an opportunity to learn - even movie night. So, while you’re getting the popcorn ready, why not pick one of our 8 best movies about finance for your evening’s entertainment? Great inspiration, and you might even learn a thing or two as well.
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Top 10 Fintech Twitter Accounts to Follow

Behind every new trend and technology there are always people whose expertise and enthusiasm really make the difference and have the power so set a new course. We have compiled a list of the top twitter accounts of fintech gurus you should follow to get your daily dose of motivation.
22.Jun.18 10:19 By SociumTrade

The Best Books about Blockchain

We all know that Blockchain technology is revolutionary. But how much do we actually know about it? With such a complex, multi-faceted technology, there are always more things to learn and understand. So, to help you, here are our recommendations of the best books about Blockchain.
15.Jun.18 13:19 By SociumTrade

Trading Radio

Podcasts are all the rage these days. And for every interest and profession, there’s a huge variety of podcasts on offer. The problem is which ones to spend your precious time on.
28.May.18 12:57 By SociumTrade

Best documentaries about trading

Sometimes you want to look at life in financial corporations from the inside, understand why certain events take place in the economy and what witnesses of those events thought about them. To find answers...