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Market news report 4-10 June 2018

To keep you up-to-date, we have gathered some bits of news of what has been hot in the industry this week.


The world’s giants like the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Apple, JPMorgan and many others are now exploring the blockchain technology. Thus, ICBC came up with an idea for using blockchain technology to verify digital certificates, and China Construction Bank Corporation employed the IBM Blockchain platform to facilitate the sale of products by banks and insurance companies.


Which cryptocurrencies will be leading the charts in June? Take a look at the sentiment analysis below to find out.

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Ripple's former CTO Stefan Thomas launches Codius, a new smart contracts platform aiming to change the way websites monetize their content, which is claimed as a step towards faster transactions.

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Distributed ledger technology is promising but inefficient in payments, according to the Netherlands Central Bank. A comprehensive analysis has concluded blockchain technology is not able to properly scale for large volumes of transactions, which does not rule out the possibility of its implementation as the technology makes advances.


Digital-asset exchanges are coming into play to take advantages of the cryptocurrency boom. The tough competition from the numerous public companies and financial firms may lead to a greater transparency of crypto exchanges and cost reduction.

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Circle Internet Financial Ltd., one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency platforms, aims to enter the highly regulated realm of U.S. banks and brokerages. Circle is now trying to establish relationships with U.S. regulators, in order to get more influence over the drafting of rules for the industry.

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Despite being volatile, cryptocurrencies do not pose threat to the financial system and the economy of Russia, according to a recent study. As the governmental regulation around the adoption of blockchain technologies is still under discussion, the study delves into how the young industry is going to disrupt the national economy.


The US-China Association of Commerce site falls victim to cryptocurrency mining malware stealing visitors’ computing power to secretly mine cryptocurrency. This once again gives rise to concerns around security and demonstrates the necessity for institutions to take robust measures in order to protect users against such attacks.