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Market news report 25 June - 1 July 2018

#BitcoinPrice #CryptoMarket

Bitcoin broke through the February minimum line of $ 6K last week, justifying the fears of investors and analysts. Further scenario is not defined yet: some believe that the world's most popular crypto currency will continue to fall to $ 5K in the coming weeks, while others says that it will grow to $ 7 K in the nearest future.

#ICO #Funding

ICO projects attracted more funds for the 5 months of 2018, than in the whole 2017, said recently published PwC study. This year 537 ICO-projects was funded $ 13.7 billion, including Telegram ($ 1.7 billion) and EOS ($ 4.1 billion). Source

#CryptoAds #Facebook

Facebook canceled the ban of the crypto ads, but it’s still has ban of the ICO advertising. The ban was launched in January 2018, at the same time there were rumors that the social network has a plan to buy the Coinbase exchange so the ban on advertising was made for cleaning the world's best ads platform for its own large-scale PR campaign. Read more


The McAfee Labs count of total coin miner malware rose by 629% in Q1, to more than 2.9 million samples. Why? Is’s easy and profitably. Read more

#Blockchain #Mastercard

Mastercard was awarded several new blockchain patents this week, continuing its trend of embracing distributing ledger research even as it expresses open hostility to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

#Blockchain #Pharmaceutical

Blockchain will help in pharmaceutical counterfeit products ban. Pharmaceuticals giant Merck is seeking a patent for a way to use blockchain in order to track goods as they move through the supply chain.

#Blockchain # Alibaba

The Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba is exploring the use of blockchain technology to accelerate international payments. Reducing the time frame for international payments and subsequently removing middlemen will be the goal of the new blockchain system.

#Blockchain #Crypto #Russia

Russian banks are ready to work with crypto assets in case the legal field in this issue becomes more regulated. This was stated by Olga Dergunova Deputy Chairman of the Board of VTB.