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SociumTrade: the right choice for investors

Are you an experienced investor seeking a trustworthy and skilled trader to manage your funds or are you a newbie investor looking for a reliable portfolio and clear investment terms?

Turn your attention to Socium Trade! Why us?

Our platform enables you to choose the most suitable trading portfolio(s) to invest in. All the necessary information about traders, including their performance, transaction history, P2P reviews, and investment terms, is available for you in a convenient and easy to work with way. Besides, traders’ qualifications are easily validated.

Our smart-contract protocols guarantee the security of your funds and exclude the necessity for intermediaries. In case of a malfunction or an attack on the system, your funds will automatically be released back to you.

With our advanced tool kit, you obtain options for both active and passive management as well as an opportunity to create investment pools.

You can create different portfolios to allocate your funds to different traders, and achieve desired levels of diversification.

If you lack time or the expertise, you can join an investment pool entrusting your funds to more experienced investors under agreed-upon terms.

Last but not least, there are no extra or hidden fees. You pay standard transaction fees and commission that you and the trader agree upon.

Join us!