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Social Trading: the next step

We believe that social trading is ready to become the dominant form of trading operations, and here is why.

The first major breakthrough in electronic trading can be traced backed to 1971 and the launch of NASDAQ. The first electronic trading platforms, like CME Globex (1992) would start to arrive, some two decades later. Traders were liberated from the confines of the crowded trading floors, liquidated was beefed up and the stage was set for retail oriented platforms like eTrade (1992) to open up the markets to the average Joes.

While retails investors were now allowed to participate in the markets they were severely dependent on the major market players for access, information, analysis, strategy and execution. All of this created market barriers and reduces profit margins. It would be another decade and a half before average investors would start using each other to gain an edge in the market. The first financially oriented social network would appear in 2006, and a few month later the world would see the launch of Etoro, the most popular social trading platform. Etoro currently boasts more than 8 million opened accounts, and inspired a host of similar services (ZuluTrade, Currensee, Myfxbook, Tradeo, Ayondo etc.) to open in the following decade.

Social trading and investment has several key advantages over the traditional approaches: It helps you learn quicker. It is easier to absorb new information through hands-on experience, than by reading complicated theoretical texts.

Open, comprehensive information simplifies analysis. Two heads are better than one; and thousands are even better. Social trading is simple. Everything is at your fingertips - it is easier and more effective to study 10 viewpoints and ideas, than to delve into 10 original sources and make conclusions on your own. You can earn passive income by copying actions of successful traders.

Tried-and-true results. Social trading platforms carefully check their users and often allow them to see professional achievements, competence, social activity, and ratings of other users.

Successful traders can earn income from both trading and allowing other users to copy them. Social trading is not only trading but also a networking. On a social trading floor, you can make new contacts, develop your portfolio, and promote yourself as a professional.

Social trading has been constantly evolving with every new platform offering its own vision and market gurus introducing new features to attract and hold users.

We believe that the next step in the social trading and investment development is being made right now. The blockchain technology has created a great boom in the IT space, and has been steadily penetrating into other industries. The blockchain technology can be effectively applied in social trading and investment, and that’s precisely what SociumTrade is doing. By leveraging smart contract it enables the next level of p2p financial interactions - capital procurement, joint management and pooling. It also offers greater security by keeping immutable records of all transactions and allowing users to store assets on decentralized wallets. SociumTrade is the next stage of the evolution of trading and investment platforms.

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