About SociumTrade

How the idea was born?

SociumTrade is a product demanded by the market.

As bitcoin became increasingly popular over the last couple of years, we saw a rise in retail demand for crypto-related financial services. People with little to no knowledge of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology wanted to get involved in the market and profit from the meteoric growth of crypto assets. Potential investors were asking about managers who could invest their money for them, but there was no infrastructure in place for individuals to fund traders and have them manage their money. On top of that the exchanges were lacking in functionality.

Seeing this, our founders decided to offer a solution for the growing crypto space, but also go further. Crypto assets make up a very small portion of all of the financial assets being traded. So, our new platform, SociumTrade, has been architected to enable traders and investors to not only trade crypto assets, but classical assets (stocks, bonds, FX) as well.

Our mission is to equip traders and investors with the most comprehensive suite of instruments for cooperating and profiting from the market.

Our vision

We see a future in which financial markets are made up of individuals engaged in free trade; a future, in which big institutions are no longer the gatekeepers and everyone can interact directly with one another. We see security and transparency becoming the cornerstones of every transaction, and individuals taking control of their financial futures.
We are developing SociumTrade to be the tool that begins to realize this vision


September 2018
Private Sale
October 2018
Liquidity Aggregator - Beta version
November 2018
SociumTrade v.0.1
Portfolio management goes LIVE. Portfolios are ready and users are able to trade assets.
November 2018
SociumLend technological solution.
December 2018
Beginning of Token Sale Event (TSE)
Public TSE will start on 1st December.
Q1 2019
SociumTrade v.0.2
Public Investment portfolios are launched. One-to-one and many-to-one meaning that traders are able to accept investments for a single portfolio from multiple individuals.
Q2 2019
FX integration SociumTrade Launches Investment Pools and Trader Consortiums.
Q2 2019
ICO/STO voting tool, listing orders
This will enable users to propose new promising products and start crowdfunding straight away with guaranteed listed token.
Q3 2019
Index development
Develop, launch and manage crypto-asset basket indexes.
Q4 2019
Alternative assets
Enable tokenized alternative assets to be traded on the platform.
Q2 2020
FX integration
Q2 2020
SociumTrade enters Stocks
At this point traders are able to benefit from unique and exotic trading pairs like crypto/stocks or stocks/ commodities.
Q3 2020
Full fledged SociumHEX for Crypto
Enable atomic-swap transactions.
Q3 2020
SociumTrade outbound API
This way SociumTrade will share all the data and opportunities with users on other trading platforms and exchanges, bringing fair investment and trading practice to the global financial markets.

Don’t miss the launch date!

We will keep you up to date with our progress and let you know when we are ready.