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Building the financial future - block by block.

Enjoy Higher Margins

Smart contracts replace brick-and-mortar intermediaries, so traders and investor do not have to share their profits with third parties.

Engage with Confidence

Strict KYC/AML protocols, peer-to-peer review and endorsements, and blockchain safeguards ensure the safety and security of all p2p interactions.

Unite for Profit

Traders can join trading consortiums to collectively manage assets, and investors can form investment pools to optimize capital management.

Control Your Finances

You hold your funds. Our HEX infrastructure ensures that you can always make deposits, withdrawals and cancellations - no matter what.

Smart Contracts
for Smart Investments

We are offering a safe and secure platform for traders and investors to come together and profit from the market.
The user friendly environment makes it easy for participants to bypass intermediaries and interact directly with one another. SociumTrade gives power back to the individual, enabling traders to make a name for themselves and investors to take charge of their financial future.

Peer-to-Peer Investing

Traders offer custom terms and investors allocate funds to real people, instead of anonymous avatars.

Security of funds

All interaction between traders and investors are governed by smart contracts. Every transaction is recorded on the blockchain and is transparent and auditable.

User verification

In addition to the strictest KYC protocols, our platform enables person-to-person reviews and endorsements to guarantee the identity and credibility of every participant.

Security that you need
Services you deserve

SociumTrade — a complete trading ecosystem.
SociumTrade will be at the center of a product ecosystem that will include: a pawnshop platform, a specialized messenger for traders, a token gift service, and other tools aimed at simplifying p2p financial operations.

The right tools

SociumTrade offers a convenient management suite for traders to manage their portfolios and for investors to manage their investments.

Traders will be able to use a wide array of graphing and analytics tools.

Moduar interface
Customizable charts
On-screen notes
Smart chat

Active management

Investors know exactly who and how manages their money. The process reduces collusion risks and volatility caused by copy-trading.

Consortiums and pools

Traders can create consortiums for joint capital management, while investors can form pools to consolidate capital and simplify operations.

Margins and loans

Our services enable investors who lack time or experience to interact with the markets directly to give their capital on loan to other market participants.

For Traders

SociumTrade enables traders to attract capital and provides them with all of the necessary instruments to execute successful strategies.

For Investors

SociumTrade enables investors to search through different portfolios and assess traders based on their strategies and performance before making a decision on who to trust with their money.

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